I was born and raised in Northern Ireland, at the age of eighteen I moved to England in 2003 to start studying at University.  One thing led to another and the previous hobby picked up at school became the life.  I was part of one of the strongest and highest performing teams in the world from 2004 - 2011.  I competed and represented the Great Britain Rowing

team Internationally over six years, collecting several World Championship medals during my time in the team.


Following life post-rowing and studying, I worked at Kings College School Wimbledon for four years a well known prestigious independent school.  Since finishing my competitive rowing career, I have worked with hundreds of teenagers and young adults, from many of the best private schools and universities.  Alongside this, I've worked with multinational corporates in developing their Leadership and Team Development skills outside of the office. 



From working with a varied spectrum of people and obtaining constructive feedback, I could see from my work the positive impact I had on my students and the Invictus Project was born. I am extremely passionate about facilitating long-term change in those who I work with, showing them what they are truly capable of.